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Resident Advisor Promotions Process

What are Resident Advisor Promotions?

The Promotion process offers current Resident Staff members the opportunity to advance to the Senior Staff positions of Co-Chair, Vice Chair, or Senior Resident.

This process is separate from that for RA Selections, which hires new Resident Advisors.

Are you considering a promotion?

Learn about the process and gain insight from current staff members! Promotion Process Information sessions are typically held in November and December each year. Dates, times, and locations will be posted in the fall.

Please note that the dress code for the information sessions is business casual.

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Eligibility Requirements

All promotions positions require Resident Advisor experience and undergraduate status or enrollment in a five-year continuous master's degree program.

Application Timeline

Date Event
December 4 Application opens
January 3 Co-Chair application deadline
January 11 Co-Chair interviews with executive staff
January 14 Senior Resident application deadline
January 23-24 Co-Chair interviews with professional staff
January 25-26 First round of Senior Resident interviews
February 1-2 Second round of Senior Resident interviews
TBD Vice Chair applications, due one week after the announcement of the 2020-2021 Co-Chairs

Application Process

The first step in the application process is to submit your Intent to Return Form in early December. A link to this form is sent out via email.

Next, candidates must submit an application for promotion online. The essay questions will focus on your vision and goals, as well as the leadership you'll provide in the position you are seeking. In addition to the online applications, applicants must ask for an assessment from their immediate supervisor. The deadline is typically in January, just after the spring semester begins.

Interviews are typically conducted from late January until mid-February. Each position (Co-Chair, Vice Chair, and Senior Resident) has a separate committee with student and professional representation from that community. Each committee reviews the applications, conducts interviews, and determines offers. Offers will be sent by email.

Application Tips

  1. Talk to current staff members! The best way to learn about the nuances of any role is to ask the people who do it every day. Ask them difficult questions, what they enjoy about their positions, and any advice they would have for someone seeking the role.
  2. Meet with an HRL Assistant Dean. Senior Staff members work closely with the Deans and Program Coordinators, so it’s important to know their roles and how your potential position collaboratively works to support the mission of Housing & Residence Life. We encourage you to closely review the description of the position for which you’re applying to get a better sense of these relationships.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the core values and mission of Housing & Residence Life. As a member of the Executive Committee, you will uphold these tenets and it is important you understand them well and can speak to your personal understanding.
  4. For the Individual Interview, be prepared to discuss:
    • Incident response and crisis management
    • Supervision experience
    • Participation in Housing & Residence Life committees or leadership opportunities
    • Administrative prowess
    • Student self-governance