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Addendum to the Terms & Conditions for Lawn and Range Residents

This document will serve as an addendum to the Terms and Conditions of Housing for students living on the Lawn and Range of the University of Virginia. Your acceptance of the Housing Application and Agreement means that you agree to, accept, and commit to abide by the terms set forth below, in addition to the Terms and Conditions generally applicable to student housing. Violations of the Terms and Conditions or this incorporated Addendum may result in termination of your right to remain in University housing on the Lawn or Range. Other actions may also be taken, including referral to the University Judiciary Committee (UJC).

The Academical Village - the Rotunda, Lawn and Range rooms, hotels, gardens, and pavilions - is an area of historic and architectural significance that serves as the centerpiece of the University. The beauty and historical significance of the Academical Village is reflected in its designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Lawn is also the backdrop for many University events and draws visitors from around the world. It is a place visited by school children who are seeing a college campus for the first time, and a place where grandparents picnic with their grandchildren. It also regularly draws many local families and young children, including on Halloween when hundreds of children from the Charlottesville area trick or treat on the Lawn. It is a place that is a residence, but it is also the heart of the University. Lawn and Range residents should respect the unique nature of this space and use and maintain their rooms and exterior areas with appropriate care and consideration of others.


  • Pursuant to paragraph 1 of the Terms and Conditions, the license granted by the University to the enrolled student is for the use of University property as a primary personal residence during the academic year. For rooms on the Lawn and Range, "primary personal residence" shall mean one occupied by the enrolled student, as licensee, for purposes of sleeping and maintaining personal possessions for one hundred and sixty days (160) or more during the regular academic year, pro-rated in the event you take occupancy of the premises during the academic year. Failure to establish the premises as your primary residence shall be grounds for termination of this agreement.
  • There are no inherent or assumed associations to any student organizations of which you may be affiliated, aside from certain endowed or reserved rooms.
  • Residents must comply with move-in and move-out dates as outlined by Housing & Residence Life.


You must comply with PRM-017: Use of University Facilities or Property and Limits on Direct Solicitation and Advertising as it relates to use and activities on the Lawn and Gardens.


  • You and your invited guests must remain within your personal living space which consists of your room and the brick area in front of your room. You may not block egress on the walkway.
  • You must be present for the entire duration of any gathering hosted in your personal living space.
  • Residents are expected to maintain the area around their rooms in a clean manner. This includes cleaning up all trash, even if it was not left by your guests.
  • You must e-mail the Senior Resident three days before the gathering and include 1) purpose of the gathering; 2) brief description of it; 3) which room will be hosting it; 4) whether or not there will be alcohol; 5) a realistic number of how many people will be there; 6) how long the gathering will last.
  • When hosting informal gatherings in your Lawn or Range room, including the exterior brick area, the number of guests must be no more than 15. If attendance is to exceed 15, prior approval by the Senior Resident is required.

Serving Alcohol to Guests

  • All alcohol must be served from within your room.
  • All alcohol must be in an opaque cup (i.e., clear glasses are not acceptable).
  • Guests may not walk around the Lawn or from room to room carrying alcohol. You may not consume alcohol on the grass, as it is a fully public space and not an extension of your room.

Home Football Games

  • On the dates of home football games, you may host private gatherings by invitation, limited to no more than 25 guests per resident on each game day. You are responsible for the behavior of guests and for managing total attendance. Gatherings with more than 25 guests are prohibited given the residential nature of the space and the close spacing of individual rooms and Pavilions.
  • Comprehensive procedures for home football game days will be announced separately prior to the first home football game.


  • You are expected to be mindful of the work and sleeping schedules of the Pavilion residents and their families with whom you share this community, as well as your fellow residents. If someone asks you to quiet down, you are expected to be respectful of that person and their wishes.


  • The Lawn and Range is the University's most publicly used space. Your residential area becomes center stage for the several major University-sponsored events. Do not block the walkways in front of your rooms prior to or during these events, and refrain from having receptions or hosting gatherings until these events have concluded. You will receive specific guidelines regarding such events, including but not limited to:
    • Opening Convocation and Honor Induction
    • Trick or Treating or Rotunda Sing on the Lawn
    • Lighting of the Lawn
    • Final Exercises


  • Lawn and Range residents are prohibited from suspending combustible materials of any type within their living areas (which include the doorway, shutters and the brick area outside the room) except one standard poster-sized area (900 in2) of unframed, non-fabric material per wall inside your room. All up to date information regarding decorations can be found at
  • Nothing may be suspended from the ceiling.
  • Decorative lights are permitted inside your room but cannot be attached to walls with metal fasteners. You may not string together more than three strands of lights originating from the same outlet.
  • The University will provide standard furniture for each Lawn and Range room. All University-owned furniture must remain in its assigned space. Any personal furniture must comply with all applicable fire safety and decoration policies.
  • Prohibited decorations may be removed by Housing & Residence Life.


  • No personal belongings, trash, furniture or other items are permitted outside of Lawn and Range rooms. The five exceptions are as follows:
    • Locally sourced firewood meeting the requirements of the annual Environmental Health & Safety Fire Training:
      • Firewood stacked outside your room should not exceed 4ft x 4ft and should be no more than one length of firewood in depth. Firewood should not block the shutters in any way and should not block walkway egress.
    • One 18" hibachi grill with a small bag of charcoal kept beside it.
    • A rocking chair provided by Housing & Residence Life:
      • Only rocking chairs provided by Housing & Residence Life may be brought outside. Housing & Residence Life will provide cables and locks to all residents to secure these chairs. It is preferred that chairs are kept inside when not in use. Residents are responsible for lost or damaged cables, locks, and rocking chairs.
    • Two message boards provided and affixed to each door by Housing & Residence Life, to be used for displaying messages or paper materials:
      • Individual postings may be no larger than 11"x17".
      • All postings must be affixed only to the two provided message boards. However, postings may extend beyond the outer edges of each board, provided that individual postings are no larger than 11"x17".
      • Postings may not extend above the bottom of the room number or below the top of the mailbox.
    • An ash bucket accompanying your fireplace.

    Any additional items outside of your room, postings, and materials that are not in compliance may be removed and discarded by University staff.

  • No lights, garland, wreaths, or extension cords should be placed on, through, or outside your door.
  • All up to date information regarding prohibited items can be found at
  • All items must be kept up against the wall.
  • Your guests and items outside of your room must not obstruct pedestrian traffic on the sidewalk.
  • Bikes, including those of your guests, must be stored inside your room, on a nearby bike rack, or in the bike rooms. If you would like to use the bike room for storage for the upcoming year, please email Housing & Residence Life to get the access code and to register your bike.


  • The Lawn Chair Insurance Program is provided by the Honor Committee Alumni Association to assist students whose unlocked rocking chairs are stolen in replacing the chair at a reduced cost. Any Lawn or Range resident who elects to keep their rocking chair unlocked is automatically eligible for the program.
  • In the case that such a student’s rocking chair is stolen, they should reach out to the Chair of the Honor Committee at The student will be put in touch with the Alumni Association and asked to submit a $50 copay, rather than the total rocking chair replacement cost of $635. Once the copay is submitted, the Alumni Association will cover the remainder of the cost and replace the rocking chair. Please note that the Lawn Chair Insurance Program does not cover the cost of the identification plaque for the rocking chairs. If the plaque is removed or taken with a chair, the student will be responsible for the $40 charge for replacement of the plaque.
  • Lawn and Range residents who elect to take their rocking chair with them at move-out will be billed $635 for a replacement chair along with the $40 charge to replace the identification plaque. This $675 charge will be added to their SIS account shortly after their departure.


  • Parking in Pavilion spaces, fire lanes and any space marked "reserved at all times" is strictly prohibited. You may be ticketed or towed at your own expense if this occurs.
  • Do not, at any time, block the alleyways (exceptions for move-in and move-out will be granted).


  • All residents must attend mandatory fireplace safety training and abide by all guidelines presented during this training.

Last revision: February 12, 2024