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Picture of Gay Perez
Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs; Executive Director of Housing & Residence Life
Picture of BIll Click
Director of Finance
Picture of Jessica Humphreys
Director of Information Technology & Assignments
Picture of Andy Petters
Associate Dean of Students
Picture of Trish Romer
Director of Operations
Picture of Demetrice Baskerville
Assistant Dean of Students
Picture of Kendall Carter
Mailroom Worker
Picture of John Cheney
Assistant Dean of Students
Picture of Stephanie Coleman
Mailroom Worker
Picture of Mike Cvetanovich
Data Analyst
Picture of Westley du Pont
Mail Services Supervisor
Picture of Brittany Gearing
Mailroom Worker
Picture of Kristen Gleason
Assistant Director for Marketing and Communications
Picture of Countess Hughes
Assistant Director of Assignments
Picture of Jamie Jensen
Assignments Coordinator
Picture of Steve Johnsen
Assistant Director of IT Security & Architecture
Picture of Jeff Leake
Facilities Coordinator
Picture of Candace Collins
Program Coordinator, Residence Life
Picture of Katie Manning
Assistant Dean of Students
Picture of Ethan Mcgonigal
Technology Support Specialist
Picture of Jeff Newton
Assistant Director of IT Operations
Picture of Kenny Roston
Facilities Coordinator
Picture of David Shutt
Front Desk Assistant
Picture of David Stephens
Assistant Director of Finance
Picture of Kevin Walls
Facilities Coordinator