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What to Bring

Have Questions About What to Bring?

We have put together this list of suggestions to help you make some informed decisions about what to bring to UVA. You may also want to check out the Cav Program website, a one-stop shop for first-year dorm essentials, linens, fridges, and electronic accessories. If you are unsure about anything that you are considering bringing with you, please contact us.

Recommended Items to Bring


Bed linens (please see the webpage for your housing area for information on bed size).

Comforter or quilt.




Bath towels and washcloths.

A shower caddy.

Personal toiletries: bath soap/gel, deodorant, toothbriush and toothpaste, contact lens/vision care, skincare, hair care, shaving/grooming supplies.

A hair dryer. Electrical curling irons/heating curlers with an enclosed heating coil are also permitted.


Computer equipment with a wireless network card (Ethernet ports are generally not available in residence halls). The Cav Program offers computers for students with preloaded hardware and software meeting the standards set by UVA schools and departments.

A cell phone (AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon recommended).

An alarm clock.

A power strip, with built-in circuit breaker and on/off switch.

Closet and Laundry Supplies

Clothes hangers.

A laundry bag and liquid detergent for high efficiency machines.

A clothes iron.

Room Decor

Lamp(s) (see restrictions under Prohibited Items below).

Posters and photos (shoud not cover more than 10% of wall surfaces)

Mounting putty (adhesive mounting strips are not recommended)

See our Decoration Policies page for more information.

Miscellaneous Items

A flashlight.

First-aid kit.

A fan (available from the UVA Bookstore).

For Upperclass and Graduate Apartments

Upperclass and graduate students living in apartment-style residence areas should also bring paper products (including toilet paper and paper towels) and cooking supplies (cookware, dishes, and utensils).


Optional Items to Bring

Remember, this fall we urge you to only bring items to Grounds that you truly need. Please bring only belongings that you could easily pack to take home with you on short notice.


If you bring a bicycle, make sure to bring a good lock!

Parking and Transportation shares additional bike resources on their website.

TVs and Entertainment

The University offers Internet-based local broadcast TV content that you can view on your computer, but no traditional coaxial-based cable TV service.

Video game systems may be used in on-Grounds housing as well.

Kitchen and Food Preparation

One microwave and one small refrigerator per bedroom, or one combination microfridge unit per bedroom. You may rent a microfridge from the UVA Bookstore. You may also bring your own combination microfridge, or bring a separate microwave (1200 watts or less) and/or refrigerator (5.0 cubic ft. or less). Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding how these appliances should be plugged in.

One single-serve pod-type coffee maker per room is also permitted.

In addition, popcorn poppers, rice cookers, crock pots, instant pots, and hot water kettles are all permissible in on-Grounds housing.

If you live in a first-year area or upperclass hall-style area and you opt to bring approved cooking appliances, you may wish to bring dishes and utensils as well.


Prohibited Items


Pets (except small non-lethal fish, in an aquarium no larger than 20 gallons).

Bird feeders.


Large, bulky furniture (all undergraduate housing areas are furnished).

    Cinder blocks or lofts for propping beds.

    Room decor

    Bed tents and bed curtains.

    Curtains, draperies, hangings, banners, and fabric flags.

    Certain types of lamps:

    • halogen torchiere lamps
    • "octopus" lamps
    • lamps with plastic shades

    LED strip lights with adhesive backing.

    Live and artificial decorative trees.


      Air conditioners (unless pre-approved for medical reasons on the Lawn and Range).

      Exterior aerials or satellite dishes.

      Bidets (requires permission from Housing & Residence Life as well as installation and removal by UVA Facilities Management).

      Cooking and heating appliances (permitted items listed under Optional Items, above).

      Indoor electric grills.

      Deep fryers.

      Toasters or toaster ovens.

      Oversized refrigerators.


      Ceiling fans.

      Space heaters.

      Washing machines.

      Portable dishwashers.

      See Fire Prevention for more information.


      Personal networking equipment such as routers, switches, wireless access points, and range extenders

      Devices that operate on 2.4 GHz and 5.1 GHz frequencies such as cordless telephones, microwaves, baby monitors, wireless speakers, and wireless (not Bluetooth) headsets (devices operating on 900 MHz and 5.8 GHz frequencies are permitted)

      Extension cords

      Multi-plug adapters or converters

      Hazardous Items

      Open flames:

      • candles
      • incense
      • oil lamps
      • houkas

      Firearms and weapons:

      • B.B. guns
      • bows and arrows
      • paintball guns
      • ammunition
      • firecrackers or explosives
      • slingshots
      • swords
      • knives with blades longer than 4"
      • martial arts tools

      Electric Transportation

      Self-balancing electric wheeled boards (Hoverboards/ electric skateboards.

      Electric scooters

      Electric bikes.

      Cars (applies to first-years)

      First-years may not register, store, or park vehicles on Grounds. Requests for exceptions to the vehicle policy due to physical disability are made to the Student Disability Access Center. All other requests should fill out the First-Year Parking Exception Request form starting in mid-July.

      Upperclass students, graduate students, and faculty/staff should review the Parking Permits section of the UVA Parking & Transportation website for additional information.