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Leadership Opportunities

What Else Can I Do on Resident Staff?

As a member of the Resident Staff team, you have the opportunity to become involved with the following committees and programs:

Staff Engagement Committee (SEC)

The SEC is dedicated to fostering connections between members of the Resident Staff Program, both past and present. By coordinating program-wide events, the SEC seeks to strengthen bonds within and to the program. This committee values the work of Resident Staff members and also operates to support staffers throughout the year by developing innovative methods of recognition.

Committee on Multi-Culturalism (CoM)

The purpose of the CoM is to provide RAs with tools to plan programs and confront issues in their communities, helping them grow in their personal understanding of multicultural issues. The committee also works to build connections between diverse University groups and Resident Staff. Examples of CoM programs include bi-weekly movie screenings for RAs and an annual dialogue with on-Grounds groups that represent multicultural interests.


Resident Advisor selections are entirely student-run. The process is led by the undergraduate Vice Chair of Resident Staff Selections, who chooses a group of six RAs to serve as Assistant Vice Chairs (AVCs). This team designs the entire selections process each year, from start to finish.

National Residence Hall Honorary

The National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) is dedicated to recognizing the people and programs that strengthen our residential communities. NRHH holds two inductions during the academic year, with membership limited to the top 1% of leaders on Grounds. NRHH regularly accepts nominations for "Of The Month" (OTM) awards. Select OTM winners are considered for regional and national honors. To nominate a person or program for a monthly award, please visit