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Leadership Opportunities

What Else Can I Do on Resident Staff?

As a member of the Resident Staff team, you have the opportunity to become involved with the following committees and programs:


Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee explores and implements avenues to make the Resident Staff Program and on-Grounds housing more sustainable.

The work of this committee is two-pronged:

  1. facilitating sustainability programming and education and
  2. identifying and implementing sustainable projects within the operations of HRL.

This committee works closely with UVA Sustainability to achieve shared goals.


Committee on Multiculturalism (COM)

Note: The AVC to the Vice Chair of Community Development and Residential Inclusion serves as the Chair of COM.

The CoM provides RAs with tools to plan programs and confront issues within and beyond their communities, helping them grow in their personal understanding of multicultural issues. The committee also works to build connections between diverse University groups and Resident Staff.

Examples of CoM programs include bi-weekly movie screenings for RAs and an annual dialogue with on-Grounds groups that represent multicultural interests.


Staff Engagement (SEC)

Note: The Assistant Vice Chair for Engagement serves as the Chair of SEC.

The SEC is dedicated to fostering connections between members of the Resident Staff Program. By coordinating program-wide events, the SEC seeks to strengthen bonds within the program while supporting staffer well-being.

This committee is divided into two subcommittees: "Health & Wellness" and "Social Programming," which work in close collaboration throughout the year.


Accountability Council (AC)

Note: The Vice Chair of Professional Expectations and Promotions serves as the chair of AC.

The AC strives to maintain the standards and integrity of the Resident Staff program while providing staffers with feedback and guidance. The council is empowered to uphold the program’s standards through various educational actions. 


Recognitions and Awards Committee (RAC)

The RAC focuses on recognizing and showing appreciation for Resident Staff members throughout the year. This team, led by the undergraduate Vice Chair for Promotions, strives to uplift staffers and highlight all their hard work to make housing a home. This committee also plans the annual ResStaff Banquet hosted in May.



The Resident Advisor selection process is entirely student-run. The process is led by the undergraduate Vice Chair of Resident Staff Selections, who chooses a group of 8-10 staffers to serve as Assistant Vice Chairs (AVCs). This team designs the entire selections process each year, from start to finish.

This committee is a great way to help leave a lasting, positive mark on the Resident Staff program by playing a crucial role in helping find its next leader.