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In Case of Fire

What Should I Do?

If there is a fire, you should exit your building as quickly as possible for your safety and protection. Leave firefighting to the professionals.

All residents and guests are required to evacuate when building fire alarm systems sound. Fire drills are conducted during the year as mandated by the Governor and General Assembly.

Be sure to know the evacuation routes and assembly points for your housing.

What to do in case of a fire

When the fire alarm sounds you must evacuate the facility. Never assume the alarm is a drill or false alarm. Treat each alarm as if it is the real thing.

  • Feel your door knob before opening it.
  • If the knob is hot, do not open the door.
  • If the knob is not hot, brace yourself against the door and open it slightly.
  • If heat or heavy smoke is present in the corridor, close the door and stay in the room. Keep low to the floor if smoke is present.

If you can leave the room

  • Wear shoes. If possible, carry wet towels.
  • Close all doors behind you to slow down the spread of smoke.
  • If you are in another part of the building, do not return to your room.
  • Go to the nearest exit or stairway. Never use an elevator. If the nearest exit is blocked, use an alternate route. If all exits are blocked, go back to your room and close the door. Follow the procedures described below.
  • Never re-enter the building until staff indicates it is safe to do so.

If you cannot leave the room

  • If possible, open the window at the top and the bottom to let out smoke and let in fresh air.
  • Do not break the glass. Smoke and fumes may be drawn in through the windows. You must be able to close the window if necessary.
  • Shout for help. Seal cracks around the door with towels or bed linens to keep out smoke. Stay near the floor whenever possible.
  • Hang a sheet, jacket, shirt, or other object in or outside the window to attract attention.

If you discover a fire, do not endanger yourself.

  1. Pull the nearest alarm box.
  2. Shout a warning. Repeat it.
  3. Leave the building and call 911, even if a small fire has been quickly extinguished.
  4. Close all doors, especially those on stairwells, which should never be open.
  5. Move at least 200 feet away from the building. Keep clear of driveways, sidewalks, and access pathways.