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Faculty/Staff Housing FAQ

Have Faculty/Staff Housing-Related Questions?

We've compiled the following information to help you explain on-Grounds housing options for University faculty and staff, as well as to ease you into your new home!

If you have any questions about leases, rent, or general housing information, please feel to call 434.924.3736, or email

We ask that residents of Faculty/Staff Housing keep up-to-date contact information on file with our office at all times. Please update your contact information in our database if needed.



General Housing Questions

Do you offer housing for faculty and staff?

Yes, housing is available to non-tenured faculty, research associates, research assistants, post-doctoral candidates, visiting faculty members, and full-time classified staff members. Apply on the Housing Portal.

Is there space available for me in on-Grounds housing?

Housing for faculty and staff is extremely limited and there is often a wait list. We encourage you to apply and follow the deadlines for the best chance to be offered housing. On-Grounds housing is not guaranteed.

What housing options are available for faculty and staff on Grounds? Where can I live?

Faculty or staff may request to live in an apartment, townhouse, split-level house, or ranch house in the Piedmont Housing area, or in an apartment in the house at 118 Oakhurst. For detailed information on each area, including floorplans and photos, see our Faculty & Staff housing page.

Do you have short-term housing?

As of the 2017-2018 academic year, we no longer offer short-term housing.

Are apartments already furnished?

Both furnished and unfurnished apartments are available. Houses and townhouses are unfurnished.

What are the terms of the housing agreement?

Housing agreement information is available on the Graduate and Faculty/Staff Terms & Conditions page.

How much does faculty/staff housing cost?

Rental rates are on the Housing Rates page.


Application Process

How do I apply for on-Grounds housing?

The application for new residents is available on the Housing Portal beginning April 1.

A random computer-generated selection process held after the priority application deadline determines your order of assignment, if housing is available. There is no advantage to applying early as long as you meet the posted priority deadline. Anyone who applies after the priority deadline will be offered in order, based upon the application completion date. A housing offer is not guaranteed.

How is my assignment made? How are housing offers determined?

A random computer-generated selection process held after the priority application deadline determines your order of assignment, if housing is available. The assignment itself is generated based on availability of the various housing types, and your stated preferences for housing type, requested move-in date(s), and anticipated end date.

I submitted an application and have not heard anything yet. When do I find out where I'll live?

We will contact you by e-mail if space matching your application preferences becomes available. Unfortunately, we cannot predict the likelihood of a space becoming available. We make our first round of faculty/staff housing offers as soon as possible after the priority application deadline, and will continue to make offers on a rolling basis until all spaces are assigned. If space becomes available due to a cancellation, we make an offer to the next applicant on the waitlist. Housing is not guaranteed.

What if I do not get the house or apartment I want?

We cannot guarantee that you will get the specific house or apartment that you are seeking. We urge you to be flexible. Generally, we offer the only location and move-in date that is available. If you decline an offer to live on Grounds, you will be placed on our waitlist. Waitlisted faculty and staff are offered housing in the order in which they are placed on the waitlist; therefore you may or may not be offered another space later. If you accept an on-Grounds offer for housing, you are obligated to live there through the end of your housing agreement.

If I do not receive a housing offer, how long do I remain on the waitlist? Do I have to apply again?

The housing application remains active for the current academic year until March 31. Applications remain on the waitlist until March 31. If an applicant wishes to be considered for housing for the following academic year, they must reapply. Applications do not roll over from year to year.

Should I sign an on-Grounds housing contract while I continue to look for off-Grounds housing?

Please do not sign a contract for on-Grounds housing unless you intend to live in on-Grounds housing. The on-Grounds housing agreement is a binding legal document and can only be cancelled within two days from the date your agreement is accepted online.

If I receive a housing assignment, am I guaranteed to have on-Grounds housing for my entire time at the University?

No. There is a four-year limit for living in on-Grounds housing. This limit is set so that there will be housing available for new incoming faculty and staff. After four years, you must move out.

How do I renew my housing for another year?

Instructions will be sent during the renewal period of March 1-16 to the email address you registered on the Housing Portal.


Moving In/Out and Rent

How do I pay for housing? Can I pay in installments?

Rent is due monthly and must be made no later than the fifth (5) day of each month. You can pay online with a credit card. This is the default option for all faculty and staff residents. Visit the Faculty/Staff housing page and click on the Pay Rent button at the bottom. If payment is not made by 11:59 p.m. on the fifth calendar day of the month, a late charge of 10% of the outstanding balance will be assessed.

Salaried employees can opt to pay rent via payroll deduction. To do so, complete the Payroll Deduction Form available at the Housing & Residence Life office.

Please note that any one-time payments by check or money order must be made payable to Housing & Residence Life Business Services. Payments to Business Services are available by appointment only. Please call 434.924.0874 or email for more information.

When can I move in?

Your move-in date is listed with your housing information on the Housing Portal. Residents may move in after the date listed on the housing assignment, but rent will be charged from the scheduled move-in date forward. Keys are available for pick up Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Move-in generally occurs in early- and mid-July, and early- and mid-August. While other move-in dates may be requested, we may or may not be able to be accommodate these requests, pending space availability.

When do I have to move out?

Housing agreements end on May 31, unless you renew for an additional 12 months. Short-term housing extensions beyond May 31 for UVA employment requirements may be requested by emailing but are not guaranteed.

What if my job ends before before the end of the agreement?

The faculty/staff housing agreement is for those who intend to be employed full-time through May. A resident whose full-time employment ends must inform Housing & Residence Life in writing (please email A termination fee equivalent to one month’s rent will be charged. Please see the Early Termination section of the Graduate and Faculty/Staff Housing Terms & Conditions.


Accommodations and Service Animals

How can I receive assistance from the University if I have a disability or medical condition?

Please see our Special Housing Accommodations page for information.

What is the procedure for bringing a service animal to the University?

Please see our Service and Assistance Animals page for information.