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Room Changes

How Can I Change My Room?

Upperclass Students

Approved changes in room assignments, except in emergency circumstances, may take place as follows:

2023-2024 Fall Term
between September 5 and November 3

2023-2024 Spring Term
between January 31 and March 29

Room changes will be available online within these date ranges. If difficulties arise prior to or after these dates, please speak with your RA.


First-Year Students

In first-year housing, space is normally limited and there is little room for flexibility. If you desire a room change:

  • First consult with your Resident Advisor. If the request for the change is the result of difficulties with your present roommate, make attempts to improve the situation, either by careful confrontation and communication with your roommate or with Resident Staff assistance.
  • If positive outcomes do not happen within a reasonable time frame, your Resident Staff member can also arrange for mediation.
  • If problems persist, you will be referred to Residence Life professional staff for further action. If appropriate space is available, professional staff may be able to facilitate a room change.