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Undergraduate Terms and Conditions of Housing

Abandoned Property General Provisions Removal of Student Property
Access Guests Room Changes
Additional Provisions Insurance Room Rent
Assignment and Subletting License Period Safety
Commercial Enterprise Maintenance and Repairs Sales, Solicitation, Peddling
Criminal Conviction/Protective Order Moving In Smoking
Damages Moving Out Student Conduct
Eligibility Prohibited Possessions University-Initiated Termination
Failure to Vacate Refunds Winter Recess
Furnishings Releases


Your acceptance of the Housing Application and Agreement means that you agree to and accept the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. This agreement constitutes a limited license granted by the Rector and Visitors of the University of Virginia ("University") as Licensor, to the enrolled student as Licensee, for the use of University property as a personal residence during the academic year. This agreement is a revocable contract; the University reserves the right, in its sole discretion and at any time, to terminate or suspend the Licensee's assignment to or ability to occupy University housing. The University and Licensee are together known as the "Parties." The Parties understand and agree that, although licensing fees are hereinafter defined as "rent," it is not their intention to create a landlord-tenant relationship and this agreement is not subject to Virginia landlord-tenant laws. The Parties' intention is to provide the student with a license for the use of the accommodations subject to the specific terms and conditions set out herein.
  2. The University reserves its right to make changes to the policies governing University housing to ensure the safety and health of the community. All University housing residents must also adhere to expectations, policies, and rules instituted by the University.
  3. This License allows you and your invited guests to use the space assigned (the "Premises"). Only you and your guests (who must be escorted at all times) may use common areas, including hallways, lounges, laundry rooms, etc., and you and any guests must do so in accordance with University rules and regulations governing such areas. The University maintains residential property to further its academic mission. Other uses must be secondary to that purpose.
  4. General Provisions: This License does not grant possession and guarantee of a particular room, residence, or type of housing. The University reserves the right, in its sole discretion and at any time, to:
    1. Alter, change, or cancel a housing assignment; designate any or all student housing as available for expanded or decreased occupancy; change any room assignment or rate.
    2. Assign first-year students to upperclass housing facilities or assign upperclass students to other available housing facilities at the rate applicable to the assigned residence.
    3. Allow University staff or their agents to enter residences for work orders, routine maintenance, inspections, repairs, emergencies, or housekeeping duties, or any other reasonable purpose, at any time.
    4. Control the residences in the event of an emergency.
    5. Temporarily or permanently reassign or relocate students as needed. University-initiated reassignment or relocation does not release students from the financial obligations owed for the term of the License.
    6. Assign graduate and undergraduate students to the same room/suite/apartment.
    7. Deny students the privilege to live in any University housing at any time, based on the needs of the University.
  5. License Period: The license period is for the entire academic year unless otherwise terminated or suspended under the terms and conditions of this License. Agreements entered into after the beginning of the Fall semester continue in effect until the close of the academic year.
  6. Eligibility: You must be enrolled full-time in a degree granting undergraduate program at the University of Virginia. Graduate students or part-time undergraduate students who wish to request an exception must submit a petition in writing to Housing & Residence Life.
  7. Moving In: You must abide by the published move-in schedule for arrival. Requests for early arrivals will be limited by building readiness, and there may be a charge assessed for early move-in. If you plan to arrive after your scheduled move-in date, you must inform Housing & Residence Life in writing. If you enroll at the University but fail to move in to your assigned residence, you are still responsible for the full academic year room rent.
  8. Moving Out:
    1. End of the academic year: You must abide by the published move-out schedule for vacating your assignment. Requests for late stays in Housing will be limited by building availability, and there may be a charge assessed for late move-out.
    2. Mid-year: If you withdraw or terminate your enrollment during the academic year, or have your enrollment terminated by the University, you must notify Housing & Residence Life of your departure, in writing, vacate your assignment, and return the keys (if applicable) within 48 hours.

    If your room and suite/apartment are not left in an acceptable state of cleanliness when you move out, you will be charged for the cost of additional housekeeping service. You also will be billed for damages or missing items as described under "Damages" below.

  9. Failure to Vacate: If a student fails to vacate upon termination of this License for any reason, the University may exercise any or all of the following options: (a) remove the student and student's possessions from the Premises; (b) change the door locks and bill the student; (c) bill the student for all damages suffered by the University as a result of failure to vacate; for example, payment of attorney fees and expenses. In-house counsel fees will be assessed at the prevailing hourly rates charged by outside counsel.
  10. Winter Recess: The first-year residence areas are closed during the winter recess (see Academic Calendar). You must leave your room in good order not more than twenty-four (24) hours after your last scheduled final exam or noon the day after the last exams as published in the Academic Calendar. You may NOT occupy or enter the closed residence houses until the scheduled Opening for spring semester. Upperclass housing typically remains open during winter recess. See the Winter Break & J-Term page on the Housing & Residence Life website for specific dates and information.
  11. Releases: Once you accept the Housing Agreement, you have 48 hours to cancel with no penalty. After the cancellation deadline, you will be released from the agreement only if you withdraw from the University, study abroad, or find a replacement student approved by Housing & Residence Life to take over your housing agreement before move-in day. If you are unable to find an approved replacement student before move-in day, you may petition Housing & Residence Life for release. If the release is approved, you will be charged a cancellation fee equivalent to the Fall semester room rent.
  12. University-Initiated Termination: The University may terminate this agreement and your occupancy rights at any time, after giving notice, if (1) the University is closed or experiencing exigent or emergency circumstances, including but not limited to public health crises and pandemics; or (2) a residence is totally or partially destroyed by any cause; or (3) a residence is needed by the University to accommodate special needs of the University as they arise. In the event that the University terminates the agreement before move-in, the University will release affected students from the financial obligations owed for the term of the License. In the event that the University terminates the agreement after move-in, the University will use a refund schedule mirroring the institutional tuition and fees schedule, adjusted for fixed operating costs.
  13. Assignment and Subletting: You may not assign this License or sublet the Premises or any part thereof. The facility is to be used only as your primary residence.
  14. Room Rent: Housing rent charges are paid by the semester. They are billed to your student account each semester along with tuition and fees.
  15. Refunds: Housing rent charges are not refundable unless you terminate enrollment at the University or the University terminates your housing agreement. If you terminate enrollment within the first five (5) days of the semester, a full refund will be issued. If you terminate enrollment after that date, any approved refund will be pro-rated and adjusted for fixed operating costs beginning with the date that your room is verified to be vacant and keys (if applicable) are received by Housing & Residence Life. No refunds will be issued after the beginning of the seventh week of the semester.
  16. Room Changes: Requests for room changes will be considered on an individual basis and may be granted in the sole discretion of the University. For first-year students, the Assistant Dean of Residence Life for your residence area approves and facilitates room changes. Upperclass residents may complete room assignment changes online, during the timeframes listed in the Room Changes Policy.
  17. Safety: You are personally responsible for abiding by the safety policies and guidelines pertaining to residential facilities and other University property. It is prohibited to keep any item, including room decorations, that may pose a fire hazard in a residence hall. See the Safety,Fire Prevention, and Decoration Policies sections of the website for details. The University reserves the right to make changes to the policies governing University housing occupants in order to ensure the safety and health of the community. All University housing residents must adhere to expectations and rules instituted by the University including Housing & Residence Life and the Office of the Dean of Students. Failure to adhere to such rules and expectations may result in removal from University housing and/or disciplinary proceedings.
  18. Prohibited Possessions: To ensure the safety of all residents, certain items are prohibited within all on-Grounds residential areas; it is your responsibility to review and remain aware of the list of prohibited items.
  19. Smoking: Smoking is prohibited in or within 25 feet of all on-Grounds housing facilities.
  20. Furnishings: The University will choose and provide furnishings for each facility. The University will not provide additional storage space during the academic year or summer. All University-owned furniture must remain in its assigned space.
  21. Maintenance and Repairs: The University will perform all normal interior and exterior maintenance and repairs as necessary. You must report all needs for repairs to the Facilities Management Service Desk by using the Work Order Management System or by phoning 434-924-3053. You are not permitted to make your own repairs. Residents are required to check battery-operated smoke detectors monthly.
  22. Damages: You are responsible for any damage or defacement that may occur to the Premises (including restitution costs), except for normal wear and tear. If the University cannot determine responsibility for damage or defacement in common areas (bathrooms, lounges, hallways, etc.), the University will distribute the charge equally to all residents of the suite/apartment, floor, or building. For more information see the Damages Policy.
  23. Removal of Student Property: In the event of an emergency or other exigent circumstance, the University and its agents may remove students’ belongings from the Premises for cleaning, inspection, repair, storage, and/or protection. The University does not assume any obligation or liability for loss or damage to items of personal property that may occur during removal of student belongings. The University may destroy and discard personal belongings such as perishable items, alcohol, illegal drugs and drug-related paraphernalia, explosives, and hazardous materials. Should the University discover items that raise concern for immediate safety or a significant violation of University policy or law, this matter may be referred to the appropriate authorities.
  24. Abandoned Property: Any belongings left anywhere in the residence halls (including common areas) after this agreement ends or is cancelled are classified as abandoned property. Abandoned property will be held in storage for 120 days. After 120 days items will be sold through UVA Surplus Property, donated to charitable organizations, or disposed of in the trash.
  25. Insurance: The University does not assume any obligation or liability for loss or damage to items of personal property which may occur in its buildings or on its grounds, before, during or after the terms of this License. This includes but is not limited to damage, loss, fire, water damage, theft, flooding, etc. Students are urged to purchase renter's insurance for protection against loss or property damage.
  26. Access: Keys and ID cards are property of the University and are non-transferable. It is against Virginia law to have duplicate keys made. You must report lost keys promptly to Housing & Residence Life to arrange replacement. You will be billed for key replacement, including changing all affected lock cores. You must promptly report a lost ID card to the ID office and you will be assessed a charge for its replacement. When you are away from the Premises you must lock your door and keep your keys and/or ID card with you. If University staff enter your residence, they will lock all doors on exit.
  27. Guests: Visitations must be negotiated with respect for rights and responsibilities of roommates, suitemates, and/or apartment mates (cumulatively known as "Roommates"). You must have your Roommates' consent to invite a guest into your room or any shared living space. The presence of the guest must not pose an unreasonable burden or unreasonable infringement on the privacy and privileges of the Roommates. Guests must be with their host at all times. You may not give keys or access cards to guests or anyone else. Overnight guests may not remain longer than three consecutive nights. You are responsible for the behavior of your guests and their compliance with all University policies. The University reserves the right to terminate or suspend the Licensee's ability to invite guests into University housing.
  28. Commercial Enterprise: You may not conduct any activity for business or financial gain from a residential facility or any University property.
  29. Sales, Solicitation, and Peddling: Sales, solicitation, and peddling are prohibited within University residential areas.
  30. Student Conduct: Students at the University of Virginia are subject to all Federal, State, and local laws, as well as the University's Standards of Conduct, academic, financial, and non-academic rules and regulations. This License prohibits violations of those laws and regulations. All sections of this document and any policies referenced by it are considered formal requirements and part of Housing & Residence Life policies. Failure to adhere to these laws, regulations, and requirements may result in immediate removal from University housing, Interim Suspension, and/or disciplinary proceedings. Removal from University housing based on such failure does not release you from the financial obligations owed for the term of the License.
  31. Criminal Conviction or Protective Order: If you are arrested and/or convicted of any felony or any crime requiring your registration on the Sex Offender or Crimes Against Minors Registry (SOR), or if you become subject to a protective order at any time during the Term of this License, you are required within seventy-two (72) hours of the arrest and/or conviction or entry of the protective order, to notify Housing & Residence Life in writing. Housing & Residence Life reserves the right to cancel this License if, in the sole judgment of the University, you or your invited guest may pose a threat of substantial harm to persons or to University property or if the University determines that this License was granted on the basis of inaccurate or incomplete information.
  32. Additional Provisions: This License is subject to all relevant University policies, which may be amended or updated from time to time in the sole discretion of the University. The University retains the unilateral right to terminate this License at any time. Failure of either party to insist upon strict performance of any of the Terms or Conditions herein shall not be deemed a waiver of any rights or remedies of either party, and shall not be deemed a waiver of any subsequent breach or default in any of the Terms or Conditions herein. The University assumes no responsibility for failure to perform any terms or conditions of this agreement due to any force majeure. For purposes of this agreement, the term "force majeure" shall mean fire, earthquake, flood, hurricane, or other significant weather event or natural disaster, act of God, strikes, work stoppages or other labor disturbances, riots or civil commotions, litigation, war or other act of any foreign nation, plague, epidemic, pandemic, power of government or governmental agency or authority, state of emergency, or any other cause like or unlike any cause mentioned above, whether natural or man-caused, which is beyond the control or authority of the University. The University of Virginia (“UVA”) does not discriminate on the basis of age, color, disability, gender identity or expression, marital status, military status (which includes active duty service members, reserve service members, and dependents), national or ethnic origin, political affiliation, pregnancy (including childbirth and related conditions), race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, veteran status, and family medical or genetic information. If you have a disability or otherwise need special accommodations, please notify the Student Disability Access Center.

Questions regarding housing at the University or these Terms and Conditions can be sent by email to,or phone 434-924-3736.

Last revision: October 20, 2023