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Hoos@Home Academic Engagement Program

Engaging together in community

Building on a pilot conducted in select first-year housing associations in 2023-2024, the Hoos@Home Academic Engagement Program is designed to offer opportunities for advising, connection, and engagement outside the classroom, encouraging learning and community.

In the 2024-2025 academic year, Hoos@Home will be available in the following first-year and upperclass housing areas:

  • Gibbons/Fitzhugh (first-year)
  • Kellogg (first-year)
  • Lile-Maupin (first-year)
  • Tuttle-Dunnington (first-year)
  • Watson-Webb (first-year)
  • Gaston/Ramazani (upperclass)
  • Lambeth (upperclass)

Residents do not need to sign up for Hoos@Home, but will be able to participate in and take advantage of the program's resources and support simply because of where they are living.


Program Goals

Residents will have opportunities to:

  1. Connect with their advising deans and faculty outside of the classroom.
  2. Engage and network with the UVA careers team.
  3. Be part of a flourishing living environment that encourages learning, networking, and community!


Program Activities

Faculty Lunches

Faculty lunches in the Newcomb Commonwealth Room held once a month offer an informal setting where residents can engage with professors and deans, ask questions, and gain valuable insights outside of the classroom.

All faculty lunches will take place between 12 and 1:30 p.m., and all Hoos@Home associations are invited!

Dates will be shared closer to the start of the Fall 2024 semester.


Academic and Career Workshops

Themed workshops facilitated by resident staff members and the UVA Careers Team allow residents to get acquainted with each other, and learn new concepts, skills, or practices centered on academic topics or professional development opportunities.

Workshop subjects may include stress and time management, how to prioritize projects, presentation and writing skills, and more! These sessions will help set residents up for academic and future career success.

Dates and topics are TBD. Refreshments are provided at all workshops..


Advising Dean Office Hours

Dedicated office hours held in residents' housing areas will allow them to meet with Advising Deans to receive personalized guidance, discuss academic goals, seek advice on course selection, and explore potential career paths.

Advising Dean office hours dates are TBD.




If you have questions about the Hoos@Home Academic Engagement Program, please feel free to email us at!