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Application Process

How Do I Apply?

Please note that this information applies to Resident Advisors (undergraduate housing) and not Community Assistants (graduate housing). Interested Community Assistant applicants can find most pertinent information on the Community Assistant Applications page.


Selections Process

What is included in the application process?

Candidates are required to complete a written application. You will also be required to submit a resume and have a recommendation form completed on your behalf. Be aware of the due dates for these materials, which can be found on the application form. The written application is available in November, and due in January just after the start of the semester.

Each part of the application will be carefully reviewed and evaluated. You are encouraged to take significant care in the preparation of your application, making sure to spell- and grammar-check your materials before submitting. No late materials (application forms, resumes, or recommendations) will be accepted.

Successful applicants will be invited to participate in an individual interview and a group interview. Individual interviews consist of each candidate meeting with a panel of current Resident Staff members. In the group interviews, candidates are asked to focus on specific tasks or solve problems as a member of a team. These interviews take place in January and/or February.

Only applicants who have submitted a completed written application and meet all eligibility requirements will be invited to interview. If invited to interview, you will be contacted through your UVA email with information about interview times. All communication with applicants will be done via UVA email, so please check your email account regularly to ensure successful participation in the Selection process.

How many openings are there?

The number of openings depends on how many vacancies are created when current RAs graduate or decide not to come back to the program. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict the number of vacancies from year to year.

Selected applicants may be offered an RA position or an alternate position. Alternate positions are used to fill RA positions that become vacant throughout the summer and current academic year.

How many people usually apply?

In recent years we have received well over 400 RA applications.

What if I want to be an RA in a Residential College or Language House?

Applicants for RA positions in Residential Colleges (Brown, Hereford, or the IRC) and Language Houses (French, Spanish, or Shea) must complete an additional question on the application form pertaining to their residence area of interest.

I attended an information session during the fall semester. Do I need to attend another one?

All information sessions cover the same information, so you only need to attend one of the sessions.

Can someone other than an RA fill out a recommendation form for me?

Anyone who can speak to your potential success as a Resident Advisor can complete your recommendation form.

How can I find help with writing my resume and personal statement?

For help constructing a resume or for interview tips. please take advantage of the University Career Center. You can browse their website, visit them at Bryant Hall at Scott Stadium, or call 434.924.8900 for one-on-one assistance. The Career Center resume guide also offers useful advice on writing a strong resume.

For help with your application essay, consider contacting the UVA Writing Center. You can visit the Writing Center website or call 434.934.6678 to make an appointment. The writing center is located at 314 Bryan Hall.

In addition, a written application workshop and an interview workshop is typically offered during the selections process.