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HVAC Instructions

Heating and Cooling

Is your room too cold? If your heat appears not to be working, make sure to move furniture and other items (wardrobes, clothes, etc.) at least three feet away from your heating unit or radiator. Blocking the airflow keeps your room from being properly heated or cooled, so make sure that the heat can circulate freely throughout the room.

Also avoid putting anything that generates heat (i.e. refrigerators or computers) too close to your heating unit. This may block the sensor on units that have them. Blocked sensors may register the room as too hot or cold.

On radiators, check to see if the control valve is open. If you have a radiator that remains cold to the touch, you can report the problem using the Work Order Management System.

Please note that the following residence areas use "2-pipe" systems and can operate only on cooling or heat. In these areas, the University makes an informed decision on when to switch from one system to the other.
"2-pipe" system areas:

  • Brown College
  • Faulkner Apartments
  • Maison Française (French House)
  • Gooch/Dillard
  • Hereford College
  • IRC (Yen and Hoxton)
  • Johnson & Weedon Houses
  • Malone House
  • Casa Bolívar (Spanish House)