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Performance Evaluation

Reviewing Resident Staff Work

Please note that this information applies to Resident Advisors (undergraduate housing) and not Community Assistants (graduate housing). Interested Community Assistant applicants can find most pertinent information on the Community Assistant Applications page.

Will I be evaluated for my performance as an RA?

Yes. Once in the fall (early October) and once in the spring (late February), we solicit anonymous feedback from residents about how well RAs are doing in their residential communities.

Any resident who wishes to speak directly to a professional staff member in Housing & Residence Life is given the option to do so as part of the evaluations process.

How does the evaluation work?

RAs are provided with the feedback gathered from residents. They meet with their SR to discuss the things that they are doing very well, along with any concerns. At this time, RAs and SRs make plans for improvement as needed.

If any performance issues come into question, the Resident Staff program empowers students to decide whether or not their fellow colleagues are meeting the expectations of the program.

What is the Accountability Council?

The Accountability Council consists of the Co-Chairs of Resident Staff, the Vice Chair of Professional Expectations and Promotions, four Senior Residents, two RAs, the Associate Dean of Students, one HRL Assistant Dean of Students, and a Gibbons House representative.

Any performance concerns are brought to this council, which meets with students to discuss performance and set up plans for improvement. The council may also remove RAs from the program if it is deemed that they are not capable of continuing in their position.