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Splitting Roommate Groups

Your room selection timeslot has arrived!

You don’t see a space on the housing portal that will fit your whole roommate group. What should you do?

A roommate group leader may login to the housing portal and not see available spaces for all the members of their roommate group.

In this situation, members of the roommate group may wish to split into smaller groups. These groups will have fewer members than the original group and can fit into available housing spaces with fewer beds.

Please note the following for split roommate groups

  • Split roommate groups will receive later room selection timeslots.
  • The new room selection time(s) will be at the end of the timeslot for the new group(s) smaller size(s).
  • Housing spaces that were available at the original roommate group's timeslot may not be available at the new selection time.

For example, a group of eight may request to be split into two groups of four. The two new roommate group leaders for the four-person groups will receive room selection timeslots after all of the four-person roommate timeslots that were previously assigned.

How to request splitting of your roommate group

  • The roommate group leader should send an email to Be sure to copy all original roommate group members on the email.
  • The email should specify:
    • who the new roommate group leaders are and
    • the breakdown of the new groups (with the name and UVA computing ID of each student).
  • The new roommate groups can be of any size. Even if some members of the original roommate group decide not to participate further in on-Grounds room selection, they should still be copied on the email.

Sample email to split your roommate group

Please see the example email below for the content to include. You may also select the Email UVA Housing to Split My Group button at the bottom of this webpage to generate this content in an email you can customize.

Dear Housing Assignments Staff,

We would like to split our original roommate group into smaller groups. We all have agreed upon the split as described in this email.

We acknowledge the following:

  • Our new room selection timeslots will be later and will follow the original groups who were assigned at the beginning of the room selection process.
  • The new roommate group leader(s) will receive an email with the new selection timeslot(s) for our group(s) by the Monday before room selection for the new group size(s).
  • The spaces that were available at our original room selection timeslot may not be available at our new room selection timeslot.

Original Roommate Group Information [Include the name and computing ID for each student in the original group, up to eight students. Copy each of these students on your email.]

  • Student A – original roommate group leader
  • Student B
  • Student C
  • Student D
  • Student E
  • Student F
  • Student G
  • Student H

New Roommate Groups We're Requesting [Please include and customize the following details as applicable to your splitting request.]

  • Roommate Group 1
  • Student A – roommate group leader
  • Student B
  • Student C
  • Student D
  • Roommate Group 2
  • Student E – roommate group leader
  • Student F
  • Roommate Group 3
  • Student G – roommate group leader
  • Student H no longer wishes to be considered for on-Grounds housing. Please cancel their application.

Thank you,
Original Roommate Group Leader