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Fall 2024 Move-In

Undergraduate Move-In Dates

Dates for the Fall 2024 move-in process will be as follows:

  • Lawn residents: Lawn residents: Friday, August 16
  • Students attending Orientation Session K: Tuesday, August 20
  • Incoming first-year students: Thursday, August 22 or Friday, August 23, depending on room assignment *
  • Incoming transfer students: Saturday, August 24 *
  • Returning second-year students: Saturday, August 24 *
  • Returning third-year and fourth-year students (except Lawn): Sunday, August 25 or later

* To help manage traffic flow on move-in days, move-in appointments will be assigned to incoming first-year students, incoming transfer students, and returning second-year students in late June. Students who are unable to move in during their assigned appointment will have the ability to select a different appointment time (but not a different date) on the housing portal from July 3 to 31.

Note that the appointments relate to your arrival time and initial car unloading only. After unloading and moving your car, you are welcome to take additional time getting settled in your new home.


First-Year Buildings by Date

Please see below for the schedule of first-year housing move-in by date. Note that first-years will be assigned a specific move-in time on the date for their building.

Thursday, August 22

  • Courtenay
  • Dabney
  • Dillard - suites 131, 249, 331-356
  • Echols
  • Fitzhugh
  • Gooch - suites 103-113, 122-130, 201, 301-309
  • Hancock
  • Humphreys
  • Kellogg
  • Kent
  • Shannon
  • Tuttle-Dunnington
  • Watson-Webb
  • Woody

Friday, August 23

  • Balz-Dobie
  • Bonnycastle
  • Brown College (all buildings)
  • Cauthen
  • Dillard - suites 132-160, 357-360
  • Dunglison
  • Emmet
  • Gibbons
  • Gooch - suites 114-121, 310-330
  • Hereford College (Norris and Whyburn)
  • IRC (Munford and Gwathmey)
  • Lefevre
  • Lile-Maupin
  • Metcalf
  • Page


Fall 2024 Move-In Webinar


Watch our video webinar that's all about Fall 2024 move-in! Topics include tasks to complete prior to arrival, what to bring, move-in dates and appointments, what to expect during move-in days, and much more! We also share links to online resources where you can find additional information about life on Grounds at UVA.


Undergraduate Early and Late Arrivals

Early Arrivals

  • No early arrivals will be permitted before Monday, August 19.
  • If you are part of a University group that requires your presence on Grounds before your scheduled move-in date (such as Greeters or athletes), your program leader will contact Housing & Residence Life to coordinate the approval for early arrivals.
  • Students need to submit an Early Arrival Application on the housing portal (under "Fall Move-In" in the orange navigation bar) if they:
    • are part of a University group as described above but wish to move in before the required arrival date
    • are a returning student who is not part of a sponsored group but wishes to arrive early
  • Incoming first-year students are generally not allowed to move in before their scheduled date unless they are part of a sponsored group.
  • Incoming first-years and transfer students who have registered to attend Orientation Session K do not need to submit an early arrival application.
  • If you are approved for an early arrival, you may check-in between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on your approved move-in date.
  • The Early Arrival Application will be available on Wednesday, July 3 at noon.
  • The deadline to request an early arrival is 5 p.m. on Wednesday, July 31, 2024.

Late Arrivals

  • We recommend incoming first-year and transfer students arrive on their scheduled move-in date in order to participate in Wahoo Welcome events. Returning students may arrive later, if they choose.
  • All students planning to arrive after their scheduled move-in date should inform Housing & Residence Life by email.
  • There will be no prorated or refunded housing charges for students who remain enrolled at the University, but arrive late or fail to move in.


International Arrivals

Students arriving from abroad should make their travel plans known to the International Studies Office so the University can advise them about their arrival.


Move-In Process

Required Tasks Prior to Move-In

  • All incoming (new) students who do not yet have their University ID card must submit an ID card photo.
    If you still need to complete this task, submit your ID photo to the UVA ID Card Office as soon as possible at their Online Photo Submission page (, which contains photo requirements and instructions.
  • Any returning students who need a replacement ID should make an appointment with the UVA ID Card Office to pick up their ID card.
  • Almost all residents (except those living on the Lawn) will need to set a PIN for the keyless lock on their apartment, suite, room, or bathroom. The lock opens through a combination of your University ID and a PIN, and using both offers a high level of security. For more information, see our Locks & Lockouts page.

Building Access

Students who have their University ID card (most incoming first-year and transfer students will pick up their card during Summer Orientation) can proceed directly to their room.

  • Students who do not have a University ID card should go to the University Academic ID Card Office located on the ground floor of Observatory Hill Dining Hall at 525 McCormick Road. The ID Card Office is open 8 a.m.-5  p.m., Monday through Friday, and from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday of move-in weekend. No appointment is necessary.

Front doors to buildings will be unlocked when that building has move-in appointments. Each student's University ID card will be activated (allowing access to that student's room) on the day of their move-in appointment. You may arrive at any time during your assigned appointment.

Also note that your two-hour appointment window covers the initial unloading and transfer of belongings to your room. You may return after your scheduled appointment to take more time to settle into your new home!

What to Bring

Specifics related to Housing & Residence policies for permissible items can be found on our What to Bring page.

All student belongings should be labelled with your name and room assignment. If they are available when you arrive, Greeters and UVA staff can better help you unload and route belongings that are labelled.

Packing Tip: You can save packing space by removing items from their packaging. This step will eliminate your need to dispose of boxes during move-in, too! Packing items in plastic bins instead will make them easy to transport, and will protect your belongings from moisture and pests. After arriving, you can use the bins to store your items under your bed or on top of your closet.


Unloading close to residence halls is only available during your scheduled move-in appointment time. You will be able to pull up your car in line relatively close to your building, unload, and then continue on to longer-term parking.

  • Look for signs directing you to your housing area once you arrive on Grounds.
  • Once at your building, the driver needs to stay in the car at all times.
  • All student belongings should be labelled with your name and room assignment. If they are available when you arrive, Greeters and UVA staff can better help you unload and route belongings that are labelled.
  • After belongings are unloaded, your car should be relocated to longer-term parking.

Note that your two-hour appointment window covers your arrival, unloading, and transfer of belongings to your room. You may return after your scheduled appointment to take more time to settle into your new home!

Please see Parking and Transportation's Student Move-In page for detailed information regarding the process and rules as well as housing area maps for fall move-in.


Greeters may be available during scheduled move-in times on first-year move-in days to help student transport items to their rooms. Look for volunteers wearing Greeters t-shirts! Greeters are not available to set up rooms, however. Also, if you arrive outside of your assigned appointment, Greeters will not be available to assist you.

Lowering or Raising Beds

If you would like to lower or raise your lofted bed and you have access to a rubber mallet, we recommend that you bring that mallet with you. We have a limited supply of mallets for students/families to borrow, so you may find that it is helpful to bring your own, given the time constraints of move-in day appointments.

To change the level of your lofted bed, remove the mattress from the bed, and then use the rubber mallet to tap underneath the metal frame at each of the four corners. Once the frame is free, it can be moved to the new height. Then use the mallet to tap on the top of the frame at each corner to hook it back on to the headboard and footboard.

You can visit our Adjusting Lofted Beds page for more detailed information.


Graduate Students

Your move-in date is specified on your housing agreement. You can pick up keys at the Housing & Residence Life offices (425 Tree House Drive) at any time between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on the day your agreement begins.

Please see your room assignment and our Graduate Housing FAQ for other important move-in information.


On-Grounds Resources

After you arrive on Grounds, you may find the following resources helpful as you meet your resident advisor and get to know your roommate (if you have one). You'll want to check out computing information for new students and learn about cell phone service at UVA and television/online media options.

See below for other helpful links as you started on your UVA journey.