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Check Your Room's Condition

As you check into your assigned room, you must assess the condition of the room using the condition descriptions found on our Move-In FAQ. Submit an online work request to document any discrepancies. This serves as documentation of the room's condition at the beginning of occupancy. If changes occur in the condition of your room during occupancy (beyond normal wear and tear), you and your roommate will be responsible for the necessary maintenance, replacement, and housekeeping charges to repair, replace, or clean, based on an inspection of your room at the end of the year.

Each student is responsible for damages that occur in individual rooms during occupancy. Damages can occur throughout the year and it's important that you complete a maintenance request so that repairs can be completed. It's particularly important as we enter the last few months of school and prepare for move-out.

Damages to Common Areas

Please assist in identifying the individual(s) responsible for any damage in communal property (hallways, lounges, suite living rooms, bathrooms, etc.). When the individual(s) cannot be identified, charges will be assessed for all residents who share the facility. Intentional damage to property is not tolerated, and is subject to the Terms & Conditions of the Housing Agreement, and judicial or administrative action.

Damage and/or defacement other than normal wear and tear will result in assessment of charges and billing to the person(s) responsible. The condition of all facilities and furnishings are routinely checked for damages. Any time there are damages in your area, please complete an online maintenance request to report such damage and the parties responsible.

Damages Billing

When you move out in May, please be aware that you will be billed for any damages you caused to rooms/suites/apartments, and for keys not returned. These charges will be billed to your student account around mid-June, and must be paid by the end of the following month. An unpaid bill will keep you from receiving transcripts or registering for classes.

To minimize billings, please be sure that any damages, and the people responsible for the damages, are identified before the end of the year. Also be sure everyone in your room/suite is careful to clean before they leave. Do not leave trash or personal items in the room or suite. Finally, be sure to follow the correct procedures when returning your keys.

Painting and Wall Damages

Student residences are painted on a four-year cycle at minimum. Our painters work year-round, painting student bedrooms only when vacant, concentrating on common areas and outside painting when the rooms are occupied. Residents are not permitted to paint their own spaces.

Avoid paying for paint and wall damage! When planning to hang posters, consider the best way to secure them to the wall. Most wall putties will not affect surfaces or finishes, provided one reads the manufacturer's directions carefully.

Residents may not drill holes in the walls to attach lead or plastic wall anchors. Glow-in-the-dark stars may look good, but paying for their removal is expensive, so please find another way to decorate your room.

Our painters use low-odor, non-toxic latex paint. When we are planning to paint in your area, we post notices prior to starting work. Please help us maintain your residence halls in good condition.