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On-Grounds Upperclass Housing Numbers & Capacities

Considering On-Grounds Housing?

Below are the numbers and capacities for upperclass on-Grounds housing.

While a variety of factors (students returning to their same housing area, room selection timeslot, etc.) will affect the availability of upperclass housing, this information may help you decide which area(s) you'd like to live in and how many roommates you might want to live with.

It is always good to look at all of the upperclass housing options and prioritize which areas you might want to live in. This includes having fallback options if your top choice(s) is/are not available.


Upperclass Apartments


2-bedroom (4-person): 34 apartments, 136 students

3 bedroom (6-person): 24 apartments, 144 students


4-bedroom (4-person): 76 apartments, 304 students
3-bedroom (3-person): 1 apartment, 3 students


2-bedroom (2-person):  71 apartments, 142 students


4-bedroom (4-person): 37 apartments, 148 students
3-bedroom (3-person): 1 apartment, 3 students


8-bedroom (8-person): 37 apartments, 296 students
7-bedroom (7-person): 6 apartments, 42 students


2-bedroom (4-person): 94 apartments, 376 students
3 bedroom (3-person): 58 apartments, 174 students
3 bedroom (6-person): 14 apartments, 84 students



Johnson, Malone, & Weedon Houses (JMW)

single-occupancy (1-person): 190 rooms, 190 students
double-occupancy (2-person): 50 rooms, 100 students


Residential Colleges

Brown Residential College

226 semi-private single rooms (1-person): 226 students

Hereford Residential College

single-occupancy (1-person): 126 rooms, 126 students
double-occupancy (2-person): 7 rooms, 14 students

International Residential College

Munford and Gwathmey
single-occupancy (1-person):
58 rooms, 58 students
double-occupancy (2-person): 42 rooms, 84 students

Hoxton and Yen
single-occupancy (1-person):
45 rooms, 45 students
double-occupancy (2-person): 26 rooms, 52 students