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Wash, Dry, & Fold Laundry Services

Let University Cleaners handle the hassle of laundry




How University Cleaners' laundry service works

1. University Cleaners provides a duffel bag specifically for you.

2. You place your dirty laundry into the bag.

3. University Cleaners then

  • picks up your duffel bag
  • sorts, launders, and folds; or dry cleans and hangs each item
  • delivers your laundry and dry cleaning back to Grounds

With all of the responsibilities and academic demands the school year brings, University Cleaners offers a comprehensive laundry service as an alternative to students doing their own laundry. By providing a once-weekly pick-up and delivery laundry service to your residence hall for the entire academic year, University Cleaners can alleviate your laundry burden. Visit the University Cleaners website to learn more about plan options and pricing!


What UVA subscribers are saying

In the 2023-2024 academic year, 94% of UVA subscribers to University Cleaners' wash, dry, and fold services were either satisfied or extremely satisfied with their experience!

“Was exactly as advertised. Quality was great.”

“Took pressure off me. Allowed me to focus on other things.”

“Really good value! Exceeded expectations week in and week out.”

“The customer service is always great!”


University Cleaners is the exclusive laundry service partner for the University of Virginia