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Community Assistant Position Description, 2024-2025


  • In order to apply, students must:

  • Be enrolled as a full-time graduate student at the University of Virginia.
    • Have been enrolled at UVA for at least one year (must have completed one full semester at time of application); exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis determined by staffing needs.
    • Be eligible to live in either the Copeley Hill or Faulkner Drive residential area.
  • Be in academic good standing with their school of enrollment and must meet the minimum cumulative 2.25 GPA requirement at the time of application, and while under the Program Agreement.
  • Must be in good judicial/disciplinary standing with Housing & Residence Life and the University.


Community Assistants (graduate housing areas) are responsible for articulating the philosophy and policies of the Division of Student Affairs and Housing & Residence Life (HRL) to residents in their community. They also represent the needs of their residents. This adult-to-adult, non-paternal relationship centers on the Community Assistant's desire to develop a residential community that promotes personal and academic growth and eases the adjustment to University life. The Community Assistant reports to an HRL professional staff member who provides supervision, advice, and overall coordination to enhance the intellectual, social, and cultural experience of residents at the University. Community Assistant responsibilities require a 15-hour commitment per week, on average, with some evening and weekend tasks required.


A. Administration & Facilities Management

  1. Attend and participate in all Community Assistant Training/Orientation programs.
  2. Attend and participate in applicable in-service programs and occasional all-staff/area business meetings during the year.
  3. Assist in the opening and closing of the residential area by managing the check-in/check-out process of area residents.
  4. Inform residents of regulations and policies, including the University Record and Graduate Housing Terms & Conditions.
  5. Enforce all aspects of the Graduate Housing Terms & Conditions with residents.
  6. Ensure that residents comply with stated policies. Actively encourage the maintenance of community standards.
  7. Promptly fulfill tasks from our Housing Assignments team with respect to room changes, securing keys from residents and returning them to our Gibbons House offices, and conducting apartment checks.
  8. Build positive relationships with housekeeping and maintenance staff.
  9. Conduct weekly walk-throughs of Copeley Hill Apartments or Faulkner Drive Apartments, ensuring maintenance and facilities concerns are documented and reported to HRL professional staff member or through the online work order system.
  10. Conduct apartment inspections and any follow-up visits related to policy violations with/for HRL Facilities Coordinators.

B. Referring & Counseling

  1. Display an enthusiastic attitude toward HRL's mission, vision, and organizational priorities.
  2. Serve as a positive role model for all residents by following and supporting the Standards of Conduct, Resident Staff procedures, and the Graduate Housing Terms & Conditions.
  3. Preserve an atmosphere in the residence halls that allows academics to be the focus.
  4. Advise the Graduate and Family Housing Association on initiatives by serving as a conduit for addressing concerns with HRL and aiding in appropriate programming efforts for the residents.
  5. Maintain up-to-date and regular communications that notify residents of pertinent information in a timely manner.
  6. Treat residents fairly and impartially by acting as a concerned, non-judgmental peer advisor whose goal is to assist residents in resolving concerns or problems.
  7. Act as a referral for residents utilizing community and University resources such as academic deans, Advisors, etc.

C. Other information

  1. Community Assistants are encouraged to begin their appointment during the summer in order to assist with the transition process throughout Copeley Hill and Faulkner Drive. The ideal start date is early summer (May).
  2. There will be training sessions in Spring 2024. Dates are TBD.
  3. If a Community Assistant is not available to start their appointment earlier in the summer, they must arrive for training no later than 12:00 noon on Wednesday, August 7, 2024.* Training will be led by the assigned HRL professional staff member. Community Assistants will also be expected to attend designated O-Week and training sessions. There will be no exceptions.
  4. The appointment end date for Community Assistants is Saturday, May 31, 2025.*
  5. During their appointment, the Community Assistant will receive a rent-credit up to, but not exceeding, the rate of a furnished, one-bedroom apartment. If the Community Assistant needs a two- or three-bedroom apartment, a discount based on the rate of a one-bedroom apartment will be applied to their rent.

* dates subject to change

D. Parking

  1. Parking permits are not part of the Resident Staff remuneration. There is no requirement that any member of Resident Staff have a personal vehicle on-Grounds. Housing & Residence Life will send the name of members of Resident Staff to Parking & Transportation each semester. If a member of Resident Staff wishes to have a vehicle on-Grounds, it is their responsibility to purchase a parking permit from Parking & Transportation. The location and availability of parking is subject to change at any time. This includes but is not limited to special events, construction, or changes by Parking & Transportation.