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Access Control from your Phone

Students living in upperclass apartments (Bice, Bond, Copeley, Faulkner, Lambeth), residential colleges (Brown, Hereford, IRC), language houses (Shea, French, Spanish), Gooch/Dillard, Johnson/Malone/Weedon, McCormick Road, and the Alderman Road hall-style and suite-style residence areas have electronic locks that can be controlled through a website on your mobile phone. Lawn and Range bathrooms have electronic locks as well.

If you've forgotten your PIN or locked yourself out, the website allows you to safely gain access to your room using a smartphone or mobile device.


Logging in

To begin, access your Cavalier Advantage account, then click on the link to log in via NetBadge.

NetBadge provides secure authentication using your personal digital certificate or computing ID and email password.








After logging in through NetBadge, you will be presented with the main menu.









To Use OpenMyDoor to unlock your door

On the main menu, click the "OpenMyDoor" button.

Your lock will begin flashing red and green, at which point you may use the lever to open your door.

Please note that OpenMyDoor is meant for occasional use when you have accidentally left your University ID card in your room. If you've permanently lost your ID card, you must immediately report your lost card using the Cavalier Advantage website, then go the ID Card Office on the first floor of O-Hill Dining during business hours to purchase a replacement.





To Set or Reset your PIN

On the main menu, click the "Set PIN" button.

Enter a four digit PIN, enter again to confirm PIN, and click Submit.

When selecting a PIN, please avoid duplicate numbers and easy-to-guess number sequences such as 3333, 1234, etc.

Depending on your notification settings, you will receive email or text confirmation that your PIN has been changed. Notification settings can be changed using the "Settings" button on the main menu.