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Chair(s) of the Resident Staff Program, 2018-2019


  • Must be enrolled as a full-time student in an undergraduate program or completing the final year of a fifth-year Master's program.
  • Must be a member of Resident Staff (past or present) with at least one year experience as a Senior Resident, or two years' experience as a Resident Advisor. Senior Resident experience is preferred.
  • Must be in academic good standing with their school of enrollment and must meet the minimum cumulative 2.25 GPA requirement at the time of application and while under the Program Agreement.
  • Must be in good judicial/disciplinary standing with Housing & Residence Life and the University.


The Chair(s) provide(s) leadership in the coordination of the entire Resident Staff Program. In this capacity, they work closely with the HRL professional staff, Vice Chairs, the Executive Committee, and other University contacts and offices. The Chair(s) report(s) to the Assistant Dean of Students.


Program Leadership and Development

  1. Provide leadership in the development, articulation, and affirmation of the overall goals of the Resident Staff Program. Work with a team of professionals and Resident Staff members to develop and execute strategies and provide encouragement and enthusiasm for reaching the goals of the Resident Staff Program.
  2. Work with the HRL professional staff and Vice Chairs to maintain consistency and teamwork in the leadership and direction of the Program.
  3. Provide leadership for the development and execution of Senior Staff Training and Resident Advisor Training.
  4. Attend weekly HRL team meetings. Maintain a regular presence in Gibbons House.
  5. Serve as a liaison between administrators and students.
  6. Construct the agenda, organize and chair regular Executive Committee meetings, and coordinate other activities of the Executive Committee body.
  7. Oversee the Appraisal Board process with the respective Vice Chair.
  8. Advise and support other members of Resident Staff and individual residents as needed.
  9. Advise HRL professional staff on matters pertinent to the staff and resident experience.
  10. Attend Leadership 2K (“L2K”), an intensive one-week summer program for the leaders of major, University-wide organizations designed to enhance their skills, increase their knowledge of the University, extend their network of University contacts, and contribute to a sense of community among student leaders.
  11. Ensure that Resident Staff is represented on University Committees by serving on these committees, or delegating the responsibility to members of the Executive Committee.
  12. Represent Resident Staff to the University, the press, and the public.
  13. Contribute to the strategic planning and programmatic development of all residential areas on-Grounds.
  14. Assist in the coordination of the following committees/processes: Committee on Multiculturalism, In-Services, Last Lecture Series, Promotions, Resident Staff Engagement Committee, or National Residence Hall Honorary. Determine members of the Executive Committee to serve as lead staff members for these committees/processes.
  15. Chair(s) will assist and inform the Assistant Dean of Students in the training of HRL professional staff by advising them on relevant student interests and staffer experiences.

Supervision of Senior Residents

  1. Supervise, advise, and support the Senior Residents in collaboration with HRL professional staff, and through them, Resident Advisors.
  2. Supervise, advise, and support the Vice Chairs in collaboration with HRL professional staff for RA Selection, Council Leadership, and other functional areas.
  3. Conduct regular Area Meetings with Senior Residents, and individual meetings as needed.
  4. Communicate regularly with Senior Residents and other staff, and facilitate information flow from and to appropriate individuals with regard to student, staff and programming issues.
  5. Consider and refer when concerns are too severe or beyond the scope of Resident Staff.
  6. Ensure that University policies and procedures are uniformly addressed.
  7. Chair(s) and Area Coordinators will work collaboratively to ensure the delivery of consistent and uniform Senior Resident-HRL professional staff interactions throughout all residential areas.

Other Responsibilities

  1. There are onboarding meetings, senior staff training sessions (that are led by the Chair(s)), and other new staff orientation duties in the spring semester for the Chair(s)-Select. Academic year term begins with July-August training weeks and continues through May the following year.
  2. Chair(s) lead(s) the preparation and planning for Senior Staff Training and O-Week by working with the Vice Chair for Training and Development and other Vice Chairs. Chair(s) are required to attend L2K and have the capacity to carry out responsibilities over the summer in a timely and efficient manner. It is strongly preferred for the Chair(s) to be present in Charlottesville for the duration of the summer, but applicants who have a legitimate conflict with this commitment must have a conversation with the Assistant Dean to assess the viability of their application and possible offer of the Chair(s) position. The presence of the Chair(s) in Gibbons House over the summer is vital because of the formative nature of the experience and the amount of time and work required to coordinate staff training. Such applicants must demonstrate substantial evidence of being able to fulfill the requirements of the role and are expected to closely coordinate with the Assistant Dean during the leadership transition phase to make the necessary preparations.



  • A furnished suite, cottage, or room on the Lawn, rent-free during term of employment, plus utilities
  • Resident Staff Meal Plan ($550 plus dollars - $275 per semester)
  • An award of $3600 (academic year) & $140 (summer).


Parking permits are not part of the Resident Staff remuneration. There is no requirement that any member of Resident Staff have a personal vehicle on-Grounds. Housing & Residence Life will send the name of members of Resident Staff to Parking & Transportation each semester. If a member of Resident Staff wishes to have a vehicle on-Grounds, it is their responsibility to purchase a parking permit from Parking & Transportation. The location and availability of parking is subject to change at any time. This includes but is not limited to special events, construction, or changes by Parking & Transportation. The S0 parking spaces adjacent to Alderman Road and McCormick Road buildings are no longer available to Resident Staff. Senior staff in these areas will be eligible to park in the S6 lot at the football stadium. This is due to construction and other needs for these parking spaces.


Senior staff should speak with professional staff for assistance in using the America-to-Go system for catering orders and for any assistance needed in purchasing items.