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2021-2022 Upperclass Housing


Don't Stress. You've Got This.

On-Grounds housing makes life simpler, with benefits that include:

  • Online apartment or room selection:  Browse online to choose the apartment or room you want. Even after you apply for on-Grounds housing, you are not committed until you select a space and accept the agreement.
  • After you move in, you can use our online room change system to select a different room (as available), or to swap with another student.
  • Greater flexibility: Students who study abroad for one semester or become an RA are released from the housing agreement at no charge.
  • Easy finances: There’s no security deposit, furniture and utilities are included, and charges are billed through your SIS account.
  • Electronic access: Your University ID card is your room key.


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Connect2Grounds Second-Year Residential Program

Housing & Residence Life will offer a new, exciting residential program for second-year students in the 2021-2022 academic year!

Connect2Grounds will provide a home on Grounds for rising second-years, giving the Class of 2024 the residential experience they didn't have their first year at UVA. This opt-in program will include signature events, engagement spaces within defined second-year communities, unique learning opportunities, and more! Learn more at the Connect2Grounds webpage.


Order for Housing Application Phases

Students select on-Grounds housing in phases. The order for these phases allows upperclass students living on Grounds who want to return to their same room or the same housing area to apply for their housing first. If you are happy where you are, we want you to stay!

Next, we hope to provide rising second-years with the best opportunity to live on Grounds if they wish. The general order of housing application phases is below. If you have questions about where you may fit in the selection order, please email


  1. Current on-Grounds residents returning to the same room or same housing area
  2. Connect2Grounds: Rising second-years who lived at home in 2020-2021
  3. Connect2Grounds: Rising second-years who lived on Grounds in 2020-2021
  4. All other areas: Rising second-years who lived on Grounds in 2020-2021
  5. All other areas: All students who do not yet have housing