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Vice Chair - Training and Development, 2018-2019


  • Must be enrolled as a full-time student in an undergraduate program or completing the final year of a fifth-year Master’s program.
  • Must have at least one year experience as a Resident Advisor.
  • Must be in academic good standing with their school of enrollment and must meet the minimum cumulative 2.25 GPA requirement at the time of application and while under the Program Agreement.
  • Must be in good judicial/disciplinary standing with Housing & Residence Life and the University.


The Vice Chair for Training & Development is responsible for organizing the training models and ongoing support of the entire Resident Staff program. The Vice Chair will work closely with the Chair(s) of the Resident Staff program and HRL professional staff to enhance the competency development of senior staff and RAs. They will be part of the Senior Staff training and O-Week training teams during the summer months. The Vice Chair may select and manage a team of Assistant Vice Chairs (AVCs) to assist in the development of specific aspects of this position. The Vice Chair for Training & Development is supervised by the Chair(s) and an HRL professional staff member. Additional responsibilities and expectations will be communicated during trainings and throughout the year.

The core values of Housing & Residence Life are multiculturalism, collaboration, personal accountability, empowerment, critical thinking, and customer service. The Vice Chair is expected to incorporate these core values into their respective roles.


  • Develop a vision and create master calendar for training and development with Chair(s) and professional staff.
  • Chair the Staff Engagement Committee or comparable committee that plans events for the Resident Staff program; plan regular events for the Resident Staff program to come together – for social and educational purposes. This includes the planning of the Resident Staff Banquet and Last Lecture Series.
  • Organize the ongoing training activities during the year, including the in-service sessions.
  • Gather feedback from supervisors and staff members to determine focus areas during the academic year and in the future.
  • Prepare weekly newsletter (Staff Lines) with the Chair(s) for distribution to the Residence Staff program.
  • Partner with National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) to determine ways to recognize Resident Staff program members.
  • Work with the HRL professional staff, Chair(s), and Vice Chairs to maintain consistency and teamwork in the leadership and direction of the Resident Staff Program.
  • Attend weekly HRL team meetings and Executive Committee meetings. Maintain a presence in the Housing & Residence Life office in Gibbons.
  • Communicate regularly and attend weekly meeting with supervisors.
  • The Vice Chair may be assigned additional duties during the academic year, as needed by the Chair(s) and HRL leadership.
  • Senior staff should speak with professional staff for assistance in using the America-to-Go system for catering orders and for any assistance needed in purchasing items.

Other Information

  1. Remuneration: A furnished suite / apartment / room, rent-free during term of appointment; Resident Staff Meal Plan ($800 plus dollars - $400 per semester) and an award of $2500 per year. * Remuneration amount/type and Resident Staff Meal Plan amount/type are subject to change.
  2. The Vice Chair responsibilities are an average of 15 hours per week, with some evening and weekend tasks required.
  3. All Vice Chairs will be expected to attend Housing & Residence Life staff meetings, individual supervisor meetings, and other meetings as necessary.
  4. Must attend mandatory spring training sessions (two 2-hour evening sessions tentatively scheduled for March 18, 6:00-8:00 p.m., and April 18, 6:30-8:30 p.m.).
  5. Must arrive for mandatory training program between noon on Saturday, August 4 and noon on Sunday, August 5. No exceptions.
  6. The ideal candidate for this position will serve in their position during the summer to help develop the Senior Staff training, O-Week training, and ongoing training plan for the year, for which the candidate will live on-Grounds rent-free and receive an award of $1000 (for the entire summer, prorated if unavailable for all summer).
  7. Vice Chairs are encouraged to participate in life on Grounds and in their residential community; however, no commitment should interfere with responsibilities of being a student in good standing or with the responsibilities of the position. When conflicts arise between VC duties and extracurricular activities, VC responsibilities take priority. To ensure that outside activities are appropriate, they should be reviewed with supervisors at the beginning of the year and periodically throughout the year. Resolution of scheduling conflicts is left to the discretion of the supervisors.
  8. Vice Chairs are not to hold major, university-wide, elected positions, such as president of a sorority or fraternity or Student Body President, and are not permitted to take on any other paid employment. Exceptions need to be discussed with the Assistant Dean in advance.

Parking Information

Parking permits are not part of the Resident Staff remuneration. There is no requirement that any member of Resident Staff have a personal vehicle on-Grounds. Housing & Residence Life will send the name of members of Resident Staff to Parking & Transportation each semester. If a member of Resident Staff wishes to have a vehicle on-Grounds, it is their responsibility to purchase a parking permit from Parking & Transportation. The location and availability of parking is subject to change at any time. This includes but is not limited to special events, construction, or changes by Parking & Transportation. The parking spaces adjacent to Alderman Road and McCormick Road buildings are no longer available. Senior staff in these areas are eligible to park in the S6 lot at the football stadium. This is due to construction and other needs for these parking spaces.