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Resident Staff Employment Agreement 2017 - 2018

This information is provided for review only. If selected for employment on Resident Staff, you will complete an official Employment Agreement in hard copy with Housing & Residence Life.

Housing Assignment  __________________________________ (OFFICE USE ONLY)

LAST NAME _______________________________  FIRST NAME _______________________________  MI ____
Preferrred or Nickname _______________________________

SEX ____

COMPUTING ID _______________________________

STUDENT ID# _______________________________

CELL PHONE _______________________________


DATE OF BIRTH _______________________________ (Required for Senior Staff to activate purchasing card)


In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, any staff member who might need special consideration or accommodation in the performance of job-related responsibilities for any sort of disability is invited to inform Housing & Residence Life. Please describe any special needs requiring accommodation (e.g., accessible building, hearing impairment, severe allergies, etc.). If you already have documentation on file with SDAC (Student Disability Access Center), please also indicate below. Otherwise, you must have a physician complete the verification of medical condition form, available on the SDAC website.

__  My documentation is already on file with SDAC.

__  I have a need, explained below, but do not currently have documentation on file with SDAC.

Brief Description:



  1. The Resident Staff appointment is for the entire academic year beginning with training in late July (Senior Staff) or early August (RAs) until all respective residents have vacated in May. This includes all dates that our residential facilities are open to students (the Fall semester, January Term, the Spring semester, and breaks/recesses).
  2. There will be Resident Staff in residence throughout the entire academic year. Minimal staff presence during January Term is at least one staff member per association.
  3. Resident Staff must meet all of the terms and the conditions of employment set forth in this Agreement, as well as in the Resident Staff job description, or as otherwise requested by Housing & Residence Life or the University.
  4. Re-appointment to Resident Staff is not guaranteed. An appraisal of each Resident Staff member’s effectiveness will be conducted each semester by the direct supervisor(s). Results will be used in determining retention and promotion, and will be reviewed by the Resident Staff Appraisal Board as appropriate.
  5. Remuneration for RAs and Senior Staff includes a waiver of normal room rent; a Resident Staff Meal Plan*; and bi-weekly GOAL pay for Senior Staff*. Community Assistants receive a waiver of normal room rent*. If a Community Assistant requests a 2- or 3-bedroom apartment, then a discount based on a single, apartment room rate will be applied to their rent. * Remuneration through GOAL PAY amount/type and Resident Staff Meal Plan amount/type are subject to change.
  6. Remuneration through the Resident Staff program may impact or change an individual’s financial aid package. Therefore, it is important to check with a staff member at Student Financial Services to understand how an individual’s financial aid package may be impacted or changed.
  7. The basic duties as described in the respective Resident Staff job descriptions will be performed as expeditiously and effectively as possible. Additional responsibilities and expectations will be communicated during trainings and throughout the year. Resident Staff members are to be thoroughly familiar with University policies and procedures.
  8. RA Room assignments are made through a self-governing process determined by Senior Residents.
  9. Housing & Residence Life reserves the right to re-assign Resident Staff based on specifics needs or circumstances. Resident Staff may need to be relocated to other buildings due to facilities work, construction, emergencies, or other circumstances.
  10. If a member of Resident Staff resigns from the position, is terminated, withdraws, or is removed from the University of Virginia, the University will be reimbursed for any employment-related credits to the student’s account; the student will be required to vacate the current room assignment and will be assigned to a new room in a different residence hall; the student may be required to vacate any other position within Housing & Residence Life (i.e., front desk worker, mailroom assistant, conference services assistant, etc.)
  11. The University of Virginia does not discriminate on the basis of age, color, disability, gender identity, marital status, national or ethnic origin, political affiliation, race, religion, sex (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, veteran status, and family and genetic information, in its programs and activities. The Notice of Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity and more information can be found on the EOP website here:
  12. The core values of Housing & Residence Life are multiculturalism, collaboration, personal accountability, empowerment, critical thinking, and customer service. Resident Staff are expected to incorporate these core values into their respective roles.


  1. Personal conduct will be consistent with the position of a Resident Staff member. Unacceptable behavior is subject to review by the Appraisal Board and may result in removal from the position.
  2. Resident Staff members, as agents of the state, are expected to support and comply with University policies and to encourage other students to do the same. Violation of any University policy by a Staff member will be referred to the Resident Staff Appraisal Board.
  3. Resident Staff should not engage in insubordinate behavior, demonstrate continuous negative attitudes, create team conflicts, or other documented performance issues.
  4. Resident Staff members are trusted with confidential information and are expected to be ethical and show integrity with the use of that information. Confidential information shared in discussion or in written/electronic materials should not be shared with others. You are responsible for maintaining confidentiality. This includes, but is not limited to, resident follow-up meetings and ADVOCATE records.
  5. The Chair(s) of the Resident Staff program represents Resident Staff to the University, the press, and the public. Any inquiries by the press or other media outlets should be referred to the Chair(s).
  6. Senior Staff will be issued a University Purchasing card to manage the procurement of items for Residence Hall programming and are expected to abide by all purchasing card holder guidelines.
  7. Resident Staff members are advised not to have supervisory, evaluative, advisory, or other relationships with students or employees with whom they have or have had a consensual amorous relationship. Likewise, Resident Staff are advised not to enter into such relationships during the terms of employment. Any related concerns about job performance as a result will be forwarded to the Appraisal Board.
  8. When affiliated with a HRL/Resident Staff-sponsored event, initiative, or in the capacity of their positions, Resident Staff are not permitted to transport residents in their personal vehicles or ride in other residents’ cars.
  9. Resident Staff may not consume alcohol or be under the influence of alcohol at any time during coverage.
  10. Coverage responsibilities occur throughout the semester to address violations of policy and assist with crisis management. Coverage is at minimum three days per week (Thursdays on-call and Fridays & Saturdays regular coverage). Resident Staff must be available to their respective residents at all other times. The Chair(s) of the Resident Staff program determines the expectations for coverage. Coverage may also be required during major University events, Reading Days, and in the event of emergencies. Expectations, information and dates will be reviewed during fall training.
  11. Resident Staff may only use a Master Key as directed by a HRL professional staff member or University Police, and must immediately report if the key is lost or stolen.
  12. Sexual harassment, sexual violence, and retaliation are prohibited by federal law and University policy. The University has the authority to investigate reports of sexual harassment, sexual violence, and retaliation made against students, including student members of the Resident Staff program, and to determine appropriate sanctions. Resident Staff are “responsible employees” and are required to report any possible violation of “Prohibited Conduct” listed in the Policy on Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment and Other Forms of Interpersonal Violence immediately through the Just Report It! website (
  13. Resident Staff are designated as a “Campus Security Authority (CSA).” Clery Act Crimes ("Clery Crimes") must reported to the University immediately through the Just Report It! website ( Information about the Clery Act and “Clery Crimes” can be viewed on the UVA Clery Act website ( In addition, Resident Staff must notify the Dean on Call of “Clery Crimes” as soon as possible.
  14. Hazing is a crime in Virginia and is prohibited by University policy and the University Standards of Conduct. State or local law enforcement agencies investigate allegations of hazing under Virginia law. The Office of the Dean of Students investigates allegations of hazing under University policy. The University has created a website ( that provides information and resources aimed at hazing prevention and education.


  1.  Resident Staff members are required to maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.25 and be in good academic standing as defined by their school during the term of appointment. Failure to meet this requirement will result in removal from Resident Staff. You may be reinstated to Resident Staff when you have regained academic eligibility.
  2. Your grades and academic standing will be reviewed at the end of each semester:
    a. Any student not in good standing with their school of enrollment will be required to leave staff.
    b. A semester GPA lower than 2.0 will result in removal from Resident Staff.
    c. A semester GPA between 2.0 and 2.25 will result in “probationary status” which requires that you cease all other outside activities.
    d. Multiple occurrences of semester GPA lower than 2.25, regardless of academic standing, will result in removal from Resident Staff.
  3. In each of these instances, you are eligible to return to staff when your academic standing has been repaired. If you know, or have reason to believe you will fail to meet the academic requirements as stated above, you must report your semester grades (whether Spring or Fall) directly to the Assistant Dean of Students to facilitate a timely review of your academic eligibility for the program.


  1. Attendance is required at all training sessions – this includes Senior Staff Training, O-Week, in-service trainings, selections training, and any area/all-staff meetings as necessary.
  2. Resident Staff may not hold or accept any other employment on or off-Grounds or participate in any extra-curricular activities totaling more than 10 hours per week without approval of the Assistant Dean. Extracurricular activities and additional employment must not conflict with the time needed to be accessible to the students and staff in your area.
  3. Academic-related internships or other requirements (including student teaching related obligations, nursing clinicals, co-ops and practica, etc.) are limited to a maximum of twenty (20) hours per week, including travel time. If Resident Staff members choose to have additional employment and fulfill an academic-related requirement, the total hours for both combined cannot exceed 20 hours. Due to the time commitment of some academic obligations, it may not be possible to be on Resident Staff. Such obligations include those that create a time conflict which keeps a student away from Grounds and which make it impossible to fulfill job expectations. Any exceptions to this expectation will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Assistant Dean.
  4. Resident Staff members will be in residence prior to the arrival of residents for the Fall semester and the return of their residents from all recesses and semester breaks. Resident Staff members will remain on duty and be available until all residents for whom they are responsible have departed for recesses and semester completion. Resident Staff members may be released early only after receiving approval from Housing & Residence Life. HRL will provide dates and times for all trainings and arrival and departure dates.
  5. The residence hall work outlined above is not easily translated into hours worked per day or week. However, it is estimated that no more than 10 (RA) to 15 (Senior Staff) hours per week be required on average to perform the indicated duties and responsibilities.

After having reviewed the job description and employment agreement, I accept a Resident Staff appointment for 2017-2018. In accepting this appointment, I agree to all the terms of the position as outlined above and in the job description. Additionally, I acknowledge that I am agreeing to act as an agent of the State of Virginia.

DATE _______________________________  SIGNATURE _____________________________________________________________________________________

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Resident Staff Employment Agreement
Revised: 01-31-17