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Move-In FAQ

Have Move-In Questions?

Moving in can be a crazy time filled with a lot of details.

We've compiled some of the most frequently asked move-in questions to help you locate some quick answers! If you find that your question hasn’t been answered here, please feel to contact us.

What if I arrive after 4:00 p.m. for check-in?

Please check back later for information about after-hours check-ins.

On the Sunday of Move-In Weekend, keys will be available at the Housing & Residence Life office at Gibbons House (45 Tree House Drive) between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

If you must arrive later than of the Sunday Move-In Weekend and you know this now, please contact us.

How can I plug in all my "stuff"?

Bring a power strip! Extension cords are prohibited by Virginia's fire code, and rooms are inspected during the fall by the Fire Marshal. You must use a power strip that carries Underwriter's Laboratory (UL) approval and has a built-in circuit breaker and on/off switch. You cannot plug power strips into other power strips. You will probably want to acquire power strips that have long cords, if possible, and you might want to bring more than one. Power strips with12’ cords can be purchased at the University Bookstore.

What about my computer?

The ITS information distributed at Opening will contain instructions for connecting to and accessing the University's computer network. For information related to this, please call the University Help Desk at 434.924.HELP.

How do I ship bulky items?

Pack belongings (preferably in boxes small enough to carry easily) and send via U.S. Mail, UPS, or another shipping service to your student address. NOTE: Please bring a handcart (dolly) with you to help move larger boxes.

What if I get locked out?

Don't panic - Call the Facilities Service Desk (434.924.3053). Your call will automatically be forwarded to Systems Control, and a member of the emergency call-back staff will be dispatched to your location. You must show this person your ID, and you will be billed a $75.00 fee.

What are acceptable room conditions?

Housing & Residence Life has the following acceptable conditions standards for our living spaces and furnishings:

  • Walls, ceilings, and floors should be free of stains, holes, and damage to paint.
  • Light fixtures should be operational with globes/covers that are free of defects.
  • Window blinds and/or shades should operate freely and be free of stains, dirt, rips or other damage.
  • Doors and locksets surfaces should be free of stains and dirt, hinges should operate freely, doors should close without using force, locksets should be easily operated with key/access card, for keyed doors the key should not insert roughly into the lockset or stick upon removal.
  • Wood furniture should be free of stains, cracks, or marred wood; all legs of chairs/tables should be firmly fixed and stable; laminate surfaces should be free of stains, scratches, and cracks. Please see the page for your housing to review the list of furnishings provided in your residence area.
  • Upholstered furniture should be free of stains and tears. Please see the page for your housing to review the list of furnishings provided in your residence area.
  • Appliances should be clean and free of cooking stains, all elements should function, and oven and refrigerator racks should be intact.
  • Windows should be clean and free of cracks/chips in the glass, screens should be free of tears and holes, windows should open freely as designed.

It is the responsibility of residents to report any damage to the room, including any items that are missing or not in an acceptable condition as outlined above. To do so, submit a work order during the first two days after move-in. You may be billed for damages that were not documented during staff inspections or in a work order at the beginning of occupancy.