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Graduate and Faculty/Staff FAQ

Have Graduate- or Faculty/Staff-Related Questions?

We've compiled the following information to help you ease into your new home on Grounds!

If you have any questions about leases, rent, or general housing information, please feel to call 434.924.3736, or email

Helpful University of Virginia offices and phone numbers:

Dean of Students (Peabody Hall): 434.924.7133

Elson Student Health Center: 434.924.5362

Information Technology Services (ITS) Help Desk: 434.924.4357

Parking & Transportation: 434.924.7231

Student Financial Services (Student Accounts): 434.924.6000


We ask that residents of Graduate & Faculty/Staff Housing keep up-to-date contact information on file with our office at all times. Please update your contact information in our database if needed.


How do I pay rent?

Rental payments can be made in the following ways, based on your University status:

All Residents
You can pay online with a credit card. This is the default option for all residents except students living on the Range.

Visit the Graduate or Faculty/Staff housing page and click on the Pay Rent button. Payment must be made no later than the tenth (10) day of each month.

You can be billed through your SIS account. This is the default option for residents living on the Range.

If you are not a Range resident and wish to have rent billed to a student account, you’ll need to e-mail your request to as soon as possible. The total rent for the academic year is billed to your SIS account in two installments (at the beginning of each semester). This billing cannot be arranged immediately and may take several weeks to establish. Once set up, billing through SIS cannot be changed back to monthly payments.

Salaried employees can opt to pay rent via payroll deduction.

To do so, complete the Payroll Deduction Form, available at the Housing & Residence Life office.

Please note that any one-time payments by check or money order must be made payable to Housing & Residence Life Business Services. Payments to Business Services are available by appointment only. Please call 434.924.0874 or email for more information.

How do I request repairs to my housing?

All maintenance requests must be submitted in the form of an online work order. Please note that by submitting an online work request, you are giving maintenance staff permission to enter your apartment to assess and correct the problem(s) reported.

New residents should use the online work order system to report existing damages within two weeks of moving in. To do so, check the "Room Condition Report" box on the Service Request form.

For emergency maintenance issues, call 434.924.3053 directly. Systems Control will respond to these calls after hours, on weekends, and on holidays.


May I have overnight guests stay with me?

The Terms & Conditions of your housing agreement state that "Overnight guests may not remain longer than seven consecutive nights."

For shared apartments, visitation is negotiated with respect for rights and responsibilities of roommates, suitemates, and/or apartment mates. We encourage you to discuss any plans for overnight guests with your apartment mates and contact us if you want any help in reaching an agreement about overnight guests.


May I have pet(s)?

To ensure the safety of the residents, pets (except small, non-lethal fish) are prohibited in Graduate & Faculty/Staff Housing.

Residents may not shelter dogs, cats, or any other pets on the premises, even temporarily.


What am I responsible for cleaning?

As a resident of Graduate & Faculty/Staff Housing, keeping your apartment clean is your responsibility. This includes sweeping and/or vacuuming of floors; removing grease from kitchen appliances, counters, and cabinets; and keeping bathrooms clean and free of mold. See our Cleaning Tips page for other helpful information.

When using the bathtub or shower, a shower curtain must be used at all times to prevent water escaping and damaging floors. The bottom of the shower curtain must go inside the shower or tub, not outside.

Clothing must be washed in designated laundry rooms, not in-apartment washing machines (which are on the prohibited items list) or in sinks or bathtubs. Having prohibited items can result in termination of your stay in University housing.


Are there measures in place to prevent pests?

UVA uses an integrated pest management approach and recommendations from a leading pest control expert to determine a treatment process for roaches and other pests. This involves periodic installation of traps to assess populations, followed by baiting, and repeated testing as needed. Tenants must leave the bait in place.

Despite our best treatment efforts, roaches follow humans and are looking for food, water, and a place to live. A wonderful environment for roaches would be under a kitchen sink that’s full of dirty dishes. The following tenant responsibilities greatly help us to keep the roach population under control:

  1. Do not leave dirty dishes in sink overnight
  2. Empty trash cans frequently
  3. Report any water leaks – check under your sink on a regular basis
  4. Do not store any open containers of food – this includes large bags of rice, which need to be stored in airtight containers
  5. Keep the kitchen walls and stove clean from grease (especially when cooking with grease over very high heat)
  6. Do not store grocery bags or cardboard boxes

Please see our Pests page for additional tips and information. If pest problems arise in your apartment, complete an online work order.

How do I arrange parking?

All residents of Graduate & Faculty/Staff Housing are required to obtain UVA parking permits for themselves and any guests. For resident and visitor permits, contact Parking & Transportation (P&T) at 434.924.7231. The P&T office is located at 1101 Millmont Street, behind the Barracks Road Shopping Center.

Parking permit requirements are enforced at all times and tickets will be issued for vehicles parked illegally.

Can you provide a proof of residence?

Proof of residence requests from a third party require a signed release of information form to be submitted by the resident in question. These can be faxed to the office at 434-924-9641.

The Housing & Residence Life front desk staff in Gibbons House can provide a signed form directly to the resident that will serve as a proof of residence for purposes such as voter registration, applying for a driver's license, or getting a loan. You may request one by contacting from your UVA email account or stopping by the Housing & Residence Life offices.

Either way, you will pick up the completed form from the front desk in Gibbons House after presenting your photo ID.